Welcome to MCS Combat

Machine Combat System 

This is our website for information on the unique UK based Machine Combat System (MCS). 

MCS was developed to provide a personal combat platform to support small covert groups and solo operators, who due to the nature of their missions, were working covertly behind enemy lines. The need to blend into the environment was utmost and being found carrying a standard personal weapon could compromise them and their mission. 

The system needed to be simple but broad enough to include all forms of attack and provide offensive responses using a variety of weapons either obtained when needed or from a disarmed enemy. 

To minimise the skill sets and training time required to achieve this the system is based on simple gross motor movements that allow transition with using same core movement from unarmed to armed. 

The complete system is reserved for those working in covert services however, we have developed training programs for all entry levels. Members of the public who just want high level awareness and avoidance with a simple skill set to stop most basic unarmed attacks. Or the CP team member looking to stop a machete attack on a vip and other training in 3rd party protection scenarios. We have these and more which can be delivered as modules once a basic introduction to the system has been attended         

Who will benefit from training in the system?

Although this is a military based system, we have designed several non-military content courses and seminars. We are especially interested to hear from:

· Military and police solo operatives or small teams operating undercover in high risk areas

· Armed responders who routinely carry, firearms, batons or OC spray etc

· Close protection officers’ solo or teams

· Martial artists with an interest in combatives

· Appropriate and suitable members of the Public but must be over 18 yrs