MCS are a small team of instructors from varied backgrounds. All had previous martial arts, self defence and Combatives experience. Now after many years study in the system, under an original team member, they are committed to the continued development, promotion and instruction of it.

 We work as a team with each member using their own special skill sets in areas that suit them. Our lead Directing Staff (DS) are qualified in adult training and education and have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance although we do not teach anyone under the age of 18 years.

We do not run a static club as such our training delivery is around seminars, mini courses and the training of professional operators both in the UK and abroad.

We are based predominantly in the North of England but travel extensively throughout the UK

Our training packages outside of military/police etc are ran in an informal and friendly format. We aim to introduce the system and leave behind useful tools that can be used regardless of the current system you are involved in.

We do have an instructor development program for suitable and interested people who are willing to make the commitment to join us. Along side the permanent team we have people from various specialised backgrounds, who can deliver training on subjects of interest supporting Combative skills such as leadership to surveillance and anti-surveillance.

…and finally like most people our age we like a good cup of tea

Part of our Combatives for Armed Responders includes integration of personal weapons. Here a side handled baton is used during a Machete defence.