‘FW’ :

was a high ranked officer in UK Special forces at the time he wrote a comprehensive review on MCS as part of his research into the effectiveness of the system. His review contains explanations and personal comments (in bold): 

The “Machine” uses primary movements in three areas, that of the head, body and lower body. The system develops so that the student can apply simple repetitive movements to defeat a variety of assaults, which include knife, baton, and other weapon’s including rifles.’ 

‘FW: The “Machine” delivers a program of gross motor skills that do not change regardless of the threat. Once the model is learnt the adaptation to different environment and subsequent threats is minimal. Unarmed Combat situations are one of the most stressful situations a student is likely to face. Gross motor skills are more natural and instinctive and are conducive to high stress environments. The “Machine” is a step forward in this area.’ 

He also wrote: 

‘…The key to successful training is therefore to find methods which decrease a student’s reaction to a threat by providing training that provides an automatic response without hesitation: the “Machine” has the potential to deliver this type of training……



I served in HM Forces for 25 years, several of my tours were with 14 Int and in Close Protection roles. Trained in CQB and unarmed combat I always felt that huge emphasis was placed on our weapon systems and drills. I feel that the skills MCS have demonstrated would have been of huge benefit and provided more options in escalating situations. I fully endorse this organisation having known two of the lead instructors for several years and having watched demonstrations of the system.

Benedict N. Weaver MA ( Oxon) CPP CIP :

“A great product delivered by an excellent company. They taught us their unique personal combat system when visiting South Africa and it performs exactly as advertised.

The system can be used against single or multiple attackers whether armed or unarmed. The integration of a cunning strategy with the gross motor moves ensures that our Operatives are now able to operate with confidence in many hostile environments throughout Africa.”

Benedict N. Weaver MA ( Oxon) CPP CIP

Founder and CEO
Zero Foundation Africa

A Pan African Corporate Intelligence Firm