Module Content
MCS Introduction seminars  
Single attacker Punches – kicks – grabs/restraints Edged weapons including machete
MCS Advanced seminar  
Multiple attackers Principles and tactics of controlling multiple attack scenarios Armed and unarmed attacks
MCS Specialised Modules  
Edged weapon attacks Knife to machete attacks Single and multiple attackers
Baton weapon attacks Long and short baton attacks  Single and double handed attack Single and multiple attackers
Weapon retention Techniques and drills for dealing with attempts to take an operator’s weapon Long and shorts
Disarms       Basic level Shorts and longs
Take downs – holds – restraints – escapes Breaking away from restraints Restraints and take downs

Module Content
MCS Specialised Modules  
Use of Baton Core movements allow transition from unarmed to armed combat  Single and multiple attackers
Context 360 degree threat assessment profiling (theory session).
Combatives mindset State access and optimal performance under pressure (theory session).
MCS Specialist modules (restricted)  Military – Police – CP teams
Specialist equipment Situations where attackers are wearing and using PPE Helmets Ballistic vests and other body armour Shields and batons
Transitional training Accessing and drawing personal weapons during combat
Use of Knife MCS weapons system and placement Core movements allow easy transition from unarmed to armed combat Single and multiple attackers
MCS Combat Shooting MCS shooting method using The Machine core movements
Disarms Advanced level Multiple attackers Weapons with slings
MCS Specialist courses (restricted) Police – Military – Security and CP teams
Confined spaces  Air Marshall/planes – trains – busses – cars
Combatives for armed Responders Transitional combat training for the armed responder
CP solo and team Combatives Combatives when you are not the target